Our consulting services are for companies and organizations, predominantly in the tourism and hospitality industries, with a focus on promoting 'Made in Italy'.

All affiliated events, as such, while on the one hand bring economic benefits to the area and the local economy; on the other hand the pollution produced in the area is remarkable.

An implemented series of sustainable actions during the planning of an event strives to avoid negatively impacting the environment. Thus, the economies of scale can be reinvested in responsible action, and it pushes for a needed change in the behaviour of the public toward the territory in which we live.

Considering that there is no zero-impact event, all we can do is create awareness of the problem and try to limit the damage to the environment as much as possible.


Strategic tourism planning and studies of environmental, territorial, and rural tourism development. Corporate Social Responsibility.

Development of communication and promotional campaigns. Business and Marketing plan. Feasibility studies.

Designing training programs of EU funds. Territorial tourism enhancement plans.


Release of for of the environmental impact produced In cooperation with partners of highly effective and well proven and long-lasting experience

Good Practices

Planning and Organization of Sustainable EcoMeeting

Design and supply of reusable and compostable materials, use of natural paints. Ecological promotional material, conference kits, gadgets. Digital administration office, digital publications, and printed materials on recycled paper. Catering service with 'zero-Kilometer' products, service with biodegradable or reusable materials.

Menu planning for food collection actions.