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Large Events

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1Planning of virtual and hybrid digital events 100%

Thanks to technological innovations we transform your physical location in a digital one,giving birth to a LIVE MEET!
LIVE MEET LIVE MEET a project of an our friendship that looks to the virtual event live. It comes from the idea of being a viewer sitting on a chair of an hall/location for events, ready to listen, see and turn to feel emotions on receiving the communication of a message .
Thanks to implementation of a broadcast direction, we can convey live all the audio contributions; emotional videos and slides ,indispensable elements for the success of an event.
The spectator comfortably sat in his chair, at home or in his office. The platform extremely flexible and customizable in its details is sustained and directed by our specialized technical partners, it will let us connect a great number of persons with one or more speakers.
Besides it offers the possibility of an interaction between the speaker and the participants like a chat on line for Q&A ,interactive voting and not to lose anything, the audio/video registration of all the event.
That is the possibility of broadcasting simultaneously till max 8 audio channels in multilingual. And for giving life to fancy ,developing communication, has been made a virtual study to realize together ,simulating a real stage with relative back drop, to customize with logos and graphics.