Incontri Consapevoli

Getting together means sharing cultures, emotions and different motivations to create a clear mission and vision to realize one's dreams. This becomes true when people hold to a clear project and relate one another effectively. That is how they learn to manage their inner world and the common space at a time while they act in the specific context.

Our experience is at your service with consulting projects and cutting-edge training interventions based on the latest systemic and group coaching, the psychosocial Gestalt and neurosciences approach.

Here and now awareness within internal and relational dynamics recall authentic contact with the body, emotional and cognitive resources. Cooperation and creativity are thus facilitated by means of our intervention and a sustainable performance ariseswithin individuals and the organization.

Paolo Iudicone,see his profile,ICF coach and partner of the Dutch Foundation for research in organizational sciences Nova Pyramid, is an expert of the systemic approach to organizations. Work experience in Italy and abroad, he is at your disposal to set ad-hoc projects and meet your needs.

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