Experiential training

Getting together goes beyond "meeting in the same place at the same time". It means creating a common project, sharing emotions and a specific culture.

Expertise and passion for personal and organizational development are one of our pillars, consistent with our attitude towards customers, customization and precision.

Paolo Iudicone,see his profile,ICF coach and partner of the Dutch Foundation for research in organizational sciences Nova Pyramid, is an expert of the systemic approach to organizations. Work experience in Italy and abroad, he is at your disposal to set ad-hoc projects and meet your needs.

Per info e comunicazioni, non esitare a contattarci all’indirizzo formazione@prairiemeet.com

Conscious Meetings

When a meeting is a -conscious encounter- with oneself, with another, with an organization, with the world. ...find out more

Team Building

Our team-building models are based on the development of a - corporate culture of collaboration and sustainability...find out more

Expert opinion

The sustainable future also comes from a new encounter quality
with oneself, with another, with the entire world. Let's talk about it!

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